Florida Trail

The North Florida Trailblazers are the custodians of approximately 100 miles of the Florida Trail. Our section begins at the Etoniah trailhead on Holloway Road through Goldhead State Park, Camp Blanding and the Keystone Airpark to CR 100 in Keystone Heights. We also maintain the Florida Trail from Swift Creek north of Lake Butler to the Olustee trailhead in the Osceola National Forest and along the Suwannee River into White Springs at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center.

FTA Map Info
Map 15 – Osceola
Map 16 – Olustee
Map 17 – Camp Blanding
Map 18 – Gold Head/Etonia

Work Hikes
Throughout the Fall hiking season our chapter hosts several work hikes. These allow our members to gain familiarity with the Trail sections we are responsible for while performing ensuring that the Trail is well maintained. These hikes are typically short day hikes (with possible overnight options) that involve blazing, trimming, lopping, and mowing. We also inspect structures along the trail such as boardwalks, bridges, etc. to ensure they provide a safe route for the hikers.