Keystone Airpark

Keystone Airpark
Map No.               17-Camp Blanding
Perm. Change?    Yes
Effective Date      11/01/2011
Ending Date
Description: Florida National Scenic Trail “CLOSURE NOTICE”
Due to new FAA regulations the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST) through the Keystone Airpark is closed to hiking.

Previous Route:
Keystone Previous Route

Alternative Route (dashed):
Keystone Current Route

If you are thru-hiking you will need to bypass Camp Blanding as there currently is no way to exit at the other end. From this Trailhead you will need to follow the white blazes along SR 21 (south) to Gasline Rd, then turn right. Follow the white blazes watching closely for turns all the way onto Hwy 100. Once on Hwy 100 go a short distance and look for the FNST sign on left for the cross over back to the trail. Alternative: Follow SR 21 into the City of Keystone Heights.  You can then go right (west) along Hwy 100 on the Bike Path/Rail Trail and continue on it which will put you back on the Florida National Scenic Trail west of Keystone Heights.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and are working hard to try to get the Trail back open on the Keystone Airpark property.

The Florida Trail is open for hiking in Camp Blanding if you want to hike in and back out. You will need to fill out the card at the check in box, tear off the stub and put the card in the box. Keep the stub on you while hiking and then drop it in the box on your way out.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Janie Hamilton at 352-258-3058.