Lake Butler Forest

There is a temporary reroute on the north end of the Lake Butler Forest section which terminates at the Olustee Battlefield trailhead. This reroute is due to clear cuts within the Plum Creek property (indicated by white hash marks).

When you hit Possum Trot Rd continue north for .9 miles. Do not go into the woods. They’re gone. When you reach the private road with the red gate turn right and immediately take the road north for about 2 miles. This will drop you 1/4 mi west of the Olustee trailhead.

Leaving Olustee head west on US90 for 1/4 mi (white blazed). Follow the marked road about 2 mi (yellow on this map). DO NOT turn left to follow the white blazes! Turn right and go out the gate to Possum Trot Rd. and turn left. Follow this for .9 miles. You will pass Elijah Dobson Rd. The trail will be on your right.

Original Route

Current Route